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CD - £10.00 plus £1.50 p&p

Kim Cypher 'Love Kim x' CD

CD - £10.00 plus £1.50 p&p

Debut Album 2016

£1.99 Digital Download

Single 2018

CD - £10.00 plus £1.50 p&p

Rising From The Dust - Available on 'Love Kim x'

£1.99 Digital Download

Rising From The Dust - Live version


This is more than a jazz album… This is a Kim Cypher album!

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Review by: London Jazz News - Mark McKergow

Firmly cementing her credentials as a first-rate jazz artist. ‘Love Kim x’ is a breath of fresh air, an album that doesn't just put a smile on the face but guarantees it stays there, exuding a feel-good factor along with some seriously committed playing from all.

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Review by: Jazz Views - Nick Lea

It is wonderful to see the delivery and confidence of this well-honed and stylish musician gaining increased recognition

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Review by: Something Else! Reviews - Sammy Stein

Yet another absolutely wonderful vocalist, the lyrics delivered as emotionally as they have been delivered by any contemporary singer. The game is afoot!

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Review by: Bebop Spoken Here - Lance Liddle

Kim Cypher is one of a growing breed of lady sax players but the talented Ms C doesn't just play horn; she's a dab hand at jazz vocals too

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Review by: Soul and Jazz and Funk

We Love Kim Cypher!

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Review by: Music In The Blog

Different moods on this lovely album, on which Kim proves that she’s got a lot going for her!

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Review by: Keys and Chords - Patrick Van De Wiele

‘Love Kim x’ is surely a must for all popular jazz devotees. I admire the arrangements and how Cypher has decided to include pieces based on the musicians, this was something special!

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Review by: Jazz In Europe - Thomas Fletcher

British female saxophone player and vocalist’s new album recorded with all her heart

Review by: The Walker's Vol. 58 - Masayuki Koito

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