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I am really excited to share news with you regarding release of my brand new original track called ‘Maybe…’ on 30th April. This is a VERY special track for me, having been inspired by meeting an amazing lady called Karen. If you are not aware of the background behind this track please refer to my YouTube video explaining how this track came about and why it is so important to me:

I would like to allow you access to download ‘Maybe…’ ahead of the release date. So, please click on the link below to grab your copy now:

I am thrilled to have incredible support from The Jazz UK who are featuring ‘Maybe…’ on their radio shows throughout the week leading up to release – Tues 24th – 6.15pm, Weds 25th – 3.15am / 9.15am / 7.15pm, Thurs 26th – 5.15am / 3.15pm / 7.15pm, Fri 27th – 1.15am / 1.15pm, Sat 28th – 6.15pm / 10.15pm, Sun 29th – opening track on the Mike Howard show at 10.00am

Tune in here:



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