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July 30, 2019

Jazz In Europe – Great Album Review!

Posted By Kim Cypher

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My thanks to Jazz In Europe for a great album review.

I am particularly thrilled that the wide variety of styles is praised.

Here’s a few quotes from the review. To read the full review please click this link.

“A variety of original compositions and innovative covers displaying a vast range of styles.”

“One thing to mention about this album is that you are constantly welcomed with surprises.”

“This collection of songs seems to capture almost every sub-genre of jazz over the past eighty years.”

“Cypher certainly speaks true about “inspired by the funkier side of jazz.”

“An album that caters for all listeners, ‘Love Kim x’ is surely a must for all popular jazz devotees. I admire the arrangements and how Cypher has decided to include pieces based on her musicians, this was something special. The musicianship within the band is clear and should be praised, it was a delight to hear such talented performers. I look forward to Cypher’s next project.”

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