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I am thrilled to announce that I have a 2nd album on it’s way featuring some very special guests!

Stage 1 of my album features the incredible talents of David Newton on piano and Clive Morton on double bass. Both are total Jazz legends and have been heroes of mine for many years. David is a pianist and composer of very high repute, having been awarded the title of ‘Best Jazz Pianist’ in the British Jazz Awards 13 times! Clive is a highly skilled bassist with so many years experience performing with anybody who is anybody. What an honour.

The four tracks recorded with David and Clive are sounding fabulous and are just in the final stages of mixing and mastering with the very talented Juanjo Lopez Vidal of Utopia Studios…I can’t wait for you you hear them!

Stage 2 features another VERY special guest and is due to be recorded around Easter time.


Watch this space…

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