Session & Dep Work

Kim is available for all kinds of saxophone session and dep work.

Kim has performed on various CD recordings and has worked with lots of different bands and musicians performing many styles of music, including Jazz, Blues, Swing, Funk, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Pop, Latin, Reggae, Soul, Disco, Easy Listening.

If you would like to discuss your individual session or dep requirements, please get in touch with Kim now.

Below are some examples of Kim’s session work recordings with the fabulous ‘Mrs Peel Band’ –

‘Betcha By Golly Wow’ – Recorded for The Mrs Peel Band

‘Callivar’ – Original Composition by the incredibly talented Steve Franks (lyrics by Sheila Wilkins)

‘The Look Of Love’ – Recorded for The Mrs Peel Band

‘Dindi’ – Recorded for The Mrs Peel Band